Specializing in water saving drip irrigation

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Rainmaker Cape Cod Installs and maintains premium irrigation systems. Designed and customized for cape cod landscape conditions.
Drip Irrigation
Lawn Sprinklers
  Suitable for small lawns, shrubs & trees & vegetable gardens. These systems are easy to maintain. Unlike many other irrigation systems, drip irrigation focus on specific areas without needless over spraying. What this means is drip irrigation is a more efficient watering method for flowers, shrubs and delicate plants.     Mainly used for larger lawn areas. These systems are properly designed for a well measured head to head coverage using the appropriate irrigation head for the particular application.  
Specializing in Cape Cod irrigation systems since 2000. Paul has attended irrigation training from some of the leading manufactures in the industry. Utilizing his experience along with updated industry techniques he has created efficient, cutting edge landscape irrigation systems